About Me…

Hey, I’m Alexz. (Like Alex, only girlier).

I have a four year old son named Bentley and a one year old daughter, Arabella. My husband and I have been married for ALMOST 10 years (in August).

For the past several years, I have worked as a project manager in the Oil & Gas Industry. After spending less than 2 hours of playtime a day with my son for several months, I finally quit my job. I walked away from stress, long hours, and tons of mom guilt. Unfortunately, in doing so, I also walked away from a pretty nice salary. Although my husband has a great job, it was definitely difficult for us to go from two incomes to one.

Luckily, I love to budget! I love to save money! Now listen, I also love to SPEND money. I just like to save my money for what matters. Why spend extra on household goods when that money could be used for an awesome beach vacay?!

My goal with this blog is to help you learn to get more from your money!



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