1. I have had the same experience with itWorks reps as well, and I am sure they are not all that way. i have never heard of those other companies before but it is awesome to see other ladies rocking it in MLM. I love my company and product so it makes my ” job” a lot easier lol!

  2. I signed up for a multi-level marketing company two years ago and have made less than $10. I LOVE the products, but I realized that that kind of job isn’t for me. I hate being pushy or trying to get people to buy something. And I didn’t want to annoy my friends and ask them to buy from me. So I just still have the account for the discount, but we’re not really trying to grow it. Anyway, thanks for your review! I could tell they were honest, unbiased opinions.

  3. Tifanee

    I totally agree with this list! ItWorks as a company itself only seems concerned with sales, I actually quite liked Rodan + Fields, minus the price haha.

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